Caution When Choosing Argan Oil

Caution When Choosing Argan Oil

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WARNING! Not all Argan Oil is created equal.

In fact, even the the most recognized name brands may be promoting inferior products. When selecting Argan Oil, there are a few guidelines to follow.

There should not be any other ingredients except Argan Oil. UNi Argan Oil is 100% Organic and Natural Argania Spinosa Oil.

Lights and plastic deteriorate and breaks down the oil’s properties. To ensure that doesn’t happen to our oil. We use a dark glass bottle and dropper cap for easy handling and usage.

Beware of Argan oils that are fragrant or unscented. These oils have been tampered with, or heated which reduces their purity and effectiveness. Our Argan Oil has a natural nutty scent of Argan with no fragrance. Once applied, the natural scent disappears and becomes unnoticeable with-in seconds.

UNi Argan Oil is non-greasy or oily when applied. It absorb quickly into the skin and hair for quick effect.

UNi Argan Oil is Triple Extra Virgin grade and certified.

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