Benefits of Argan Oil

Benefits of Argan Oil

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UNi Argan Oil is a great natural organic alternative compared to other chemical filled cosmetic products in the market today.  Our Argan Oil is packed full of essential fatty acids, such as, omega-3, omega-6, omega-9, vitamins E, vitamins B9, and folic acid.


UNi Argan Oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidant, which are proven to reduce or eliminate the sight of wrinkles and other signs of aging.  Daily usage will do wonders to your skin, such as, improving elasticity, firmness, and complexion.  The Argan Oil natural properties rejuvenate and renew skin cells around your face, leaving you looking younger.

Healthy Hair:

UNi Argan Oil promotes long-term hair growth and health.  Daily wear and tear is constantly doing damage to your hair’s hydro-lipid layer, especially those summer months when your hair is exposed to the hot sun. Our Argan Oil will naturally hydrate and moisturize your damage hair.  Every day shampoo and conditioner strips the natural oil from your hair; UNi Argan Oil puts that natural oil back into your hair, leaving you with silky and shiny hair.  Our oil can be use on all hair type from damage frizzy to normal hair.  Daily usage will promote and maintain healthy hair growth and reduce split end.

Radiant Skin:

UNi Argan Oil is the solution you been waiting for to get that radiance and smooth skin.  Whether your skin ranges from normal to sensitive or acne to dry; UNi Argan Oil is the perfect natural oil that will give you the soft and smooth skin everyone desire.

Healing Effects:

Argan Oil has been used for many generations by the local Berbers people of Morocco as a medicinal treatment for skin problems.  Scientific studies and traditional practice has shown Argan Oil to be a successful remedy to treat damaged skin and inflammation.  Natural Argan Oil is absorbed into the skin quickly to help regulates pH level.  This helps to protect the skin from exposure to the sun.  For people with dry skin, Argan Oil nourishes and hydrates the skin and helps to prevent further infection.  Regular usage of Argan Oil on oily skin will no longer make the skin look or feel oily.  For people with irritated or itchy skin from allergens, Argan Oil will help control the itchiness.  Argan Oil can even be use by teens or adults with acne problems.  It will help to reduce the appearance of acne and prevents scars that acne can leave behind.  Argan Oil are known to treat skin ailment, such as, chickenpox, acne, psoriasis, rash, itchiness, burnt skin, inflammation and dry eczema. Argan Oil will minimize stretch marks cause by pregnant belly for those mothers to be.

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